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Reader Testamonial

Posted on: March 6th, 2015 by Doug Treen

Hi Doug

I really enjoyed reading your book!

It was so refreshing to read a retirement book that discusses the real issues and more important values than just financial considerations….I have managed to maintain a more balanced life than many managers/executives where I worked before taking an early retirement. I believe this is the only way to not sell your soul and still be a productive employee. Burn out may work for the company as they can always replace you once you have been used up. My motivation was to resist this from happening.

I still feel the tight fitting jacket of conformity and so I am much looking forward to being able to explore my new found freedom.

I will definitely use the information in your book to structure that final chapter of my life- once I finish ‘beating the crap out of my corporate mentality’.

Again-thank you for your book.

Gordon Reid, BC Canada