Innovative Strategies for Building Your Leadership


Doug Treen, PhD, MBA has been EVP of human resources and organizational development in the pharmaceutical, automotive and financial industries. He became President and Vice-Chairman of a retail financial organization. He was a lecturer of MBA students of Organizational Behaviour, as well as Social Theory for undergraduate students. Between such roles he has spent over 10 years as a management consultant focusing on executive and strategic organizational development. As an entrepreneur he developed a commercial real estate business as an owner/operator.  He is an author of three books and of numerous business articles.

As a consultant he can lead your company through his process of strategic planning and renewal. His creative approach aims to aggressively move your company ahead into a new focused breakout strategy.

Doug lives with his family just north of Toronto, Canada. He pursues many activities including, skiing, boating, mountain biking, nature hiking and fitness training.


Doug Treen