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Consulting Services

STRATEGIC PLANNING, includes many flexible customized options to best suit your situation, size, structure, time, budget and overall needs. These include: a strategic audit, and an overall facilitation of a strategic planning process, (strategic analysis, formulation, differentiation and innovation, organizational assessment and design, change management). Further, a strategic renewal option by itself is designed for the more urgent situations where the firm lacks time for a long term planning process and must undergo immediate turnaround and change. A detailed outline of the overall approach is outlined in the book, Overcome “Why Strategic Plans Fail”, for a BREAKOUT STRATEGY.


ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, includes an organizational audit of structure, processes and competencies as well a customized development and change management program to strengthen the firm. This will typically improve speed, customer value and execution of the strategy. Overall it aims to create competitive advantage through better execution of differentiated and innovative value. OD focuses on execution issues assuming the strategy is in place.


Doug Treen, PhD, MBA is a sole practitioner who will work closely with the CEO and executive team as a facilitator and coach for the strategic planning or renewal of your organization. He aims to make the firm strategically self-sufficient with a new strategic culture, for ongoing renewal through innovation and differentiation. Overall the approach is aggressive for the firm passionate to grow and become more competitive as soon as possible. Given his sensitivity to organizational differences and culture, he will tailor his approach to fit your needs. As a sole practitioner, given his customized coaching and developmental approach, he is high value but cost effective.



SPEAKER on topics of strategy, organizational development, innovation and differentiation, learning to lead, executive retirement.


AREA: Greater Toronto Area, but can become available for travel given sufficient lead time.


TO CONTACT Doug Treen:

cell 416-522-8628